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Downey Gateway
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Yogurtland Comes to Downey Gateway

By ARNOLD ADLER, Staff Writer
Story Published: Apr 15, 2010 at 12:06 PM PDT

DOWNEY — A development agreement between the city and Westland Industries, seeking the right to develop 1.5 acres at the southwest corner of Firestone Boulevard and Downey Avenue, has been recommended for approval by the Planning Commission and is expected to receive final approval by the City Council April 27.

The project site, named Downey Gateway, extends from 8236-8274 Firestone Boulevard south to Nance Street, just north of the city’s transportation center, between Downey Avenue and La Reina Avenue.

Proposed on the 50 300-square-foot site is construction of four buildings totaling 26,232 square feet for a food court and retail shopping, said Brian Saeki, director of community development for the city.

Planned are 13 tenant sites. Restaurant use will occupy from 14,800 to 16,000 square feet while retail shops take up about 9,300 to 10,500 square feet.

About 100 jobs will be generated, Saeki estimated.

The site is currently occupied by a restaurant, Gourmet Cafe, along with two smaller structures. Of those, two will be remodeled and the current Gourmet Cafe demolished and replaced by two new buildings for a total of four separate structures.

Saeki said the four buildings will surround a central courtyard to which most of the stores and restaurants will open.
Plans call for the reconstruction of Nance Street between Downey Avenue and La Reina with 103 parking spaces on both sides. Another 33 spaces will be available on the project site, he said.
The Nance Street work includes installing an eight-inch water main between existing lines on Downey Avenue and Paramount Boulevard, thus improving water flow for drinking and firefighting.

Under the agreement, the city will reimburse the developer up to $150,000 for the Nance Street improvements and up to $140,000 for the water line.

Westland’s development will enhance the southern part of downtown Downey, which is Downey Avenue from Firestone north to about Fifth Street.

Under construction and expected to open later this year across Firestone Boulevard is the two-story, 17,715-square-foot Portos Bakery and Cafe, 8233 Firestone, next to an existing five-story office building, which will be remodeled.

To the east on the south side of Firestone Boulevard, a 10,000-square-foot Fresh and Easy market has opened with a Dollar Store planned in the eastern part of the building. It is on the site of the former Albertson’s market.

Saeki noted that if the plan is approved, Westland Industries of Long Beach, must still provide a site plan and building and landscape designs for Planning Commission approval.

In other action April 7, the Planning Commission approved a conditional use permit for live entertainment in the Embassy Suites Hotel at 8425 Firestone Blvd.

The commission also approved a permit to allow the Valero Service Station, 10030 Lakewood Blvd., to sell beer and wine for takeout.


Published: Apr 15, 2010 at 12:06 PM PDT
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